Existing Conditions

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Panther Express

Image 3.25 Kell Hall is a renovated parking structure and not acceptable as research space. This building is slated for demolition once the new Humanities Building is in constructed and occupied.

Building Conditions Summary

0001 - Kell Hall

Constructed in 1920, Kell Hall was a parking garage with parallel east-end ramps before being occupied by Georgia State (“Evening School of Commerce” at the time) in 1932 (See Image 3.25). The building’s two small elevators are non-ADA compliant. Some rooms are equipped with ADA hardware, but since ramps are too steep to meet code, Kell Hall is not completely accessible. Selected areas or floors have been renovated, such as the second-floor Center for Behavioral Neuroscience.

Chemistry and biology research labs, offices, and support facilities are housed here. Some labs are in very poor condition while others are in very good condition. Way finding is confusing (in some cases room numbers get larger as one descends the ramps). Large general biology and chemistry labs are in poor condition. Unable to take these rooms out of service for renovation, upgrades have not been implemented. Kell Hall is in overall poor condition and is scheduled for demolition.

Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning Systems: The cooling system is tied into the General Classroom Building Central Plant (West Chiller Plant). Many old air handlers have been replaced. Floors three, five, and seven—and portions of six—need renovation. Boilers in the Arts and Humanities building provide steam for heating. Replacement of steam pipes and traps and other work is still required.The air-handling units on floors one and three are scheduled for replacement
this year.

Plumbing: The plumbing has been upgraded, fixtures are ADA compliant. Marginal waste systems contribute to frequent flooding. Domestic water pressure is marginal, and if a booster pump is added the concern is that it might blow out the pipes. Sanitary waste pipes beneath the first floor are deteriorating severely,

collapsing in some cases. Recent heavy rainfall has presented itself as water in the building, indicating storm-water removal problems under and outside the building.

Electrical: New switchgear with double-ended feed has been installed. Two new vertical power risers might be loaded to capacity. All lighting panels are full. The system needs further upgrades.
Lighting: Most of the lighting has been upgraded with T8 lamps and solid-state ballasts. Overall condition is satisfactory with minor upgrades needed.

Emergency Systems: The fire alarm system is being upgraded. There is no emergency generator.