Existing Conditions

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Building Conditions Summary

Sparks Hall

Image 3.26 Sparks Hall will be torn down to make room for the new Humanities Building.

0002 - Sparks Hall

This building primarily houses classrooms and computer laboratory space. Circulation is functional and efficient; however, the layout is crowded. The building directly connects on the interior with Kell Hall. Even though the building is functional, the classrooms are in very poor condition from a capacity and layout stand point. Desks, chairs, and overhead projectors are either damaged or out of date. Computer labs appear newer and in better condition but suffer from the overcrowded layout. Sparks Hall needs replacement. It was programmed to be replaced by the Humanities Building, approved by the Board of Regents in June, 2005. (See Image 3.26)

Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning System: The entire two-pipe air conditioning system is outdated. Air handlers are vintage 1940’s. There are two chillers, a Carrier and a Trane. The Carrier has failed and has been removed. The Trane is old and is carrying the entire workload. The building was connected to the west campus chilled water plant in the winter of 2006. The boiler has been re-tubed and controls work adequately. This old system is in fair to poor condition.

Plumbing: A very old system, the plumbing is in need of complete renovation. Roof drainage problems must be addressed. Modification of storm drainage from the Library Plaza into the City drainage system is underway.

Electrical: The electrical system is the original, loaded to capacity, with no spares and no spaces.

Lighting: Lighting has been upgraded in the renovated areas and is in fair to good condition in non-renovated areas. Lighting in the mechanical room needs replacement. Exit and egress lights are upgraded to battery backup units.

There is no emergency generator in this building.

Fire Alarm System: The system is in decent condition and operational. The original fire pump needs upgrading.