Existing Conditions

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University Center

Image 3.27 university Center was built by Georgia State in 1963 and is home to a range of student services.

Building Conditions Summary

0003 - University Center

Home to the Honors Program, Cinefest, fraternity and sorority offices, and food service, the rooms surveyed were in very good condition. Constructed and occupied in 1963, the building is in satisfactory condition. (See Image 3.27)

Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning System: The chilled water supply is connected to the East Campus Loop. It has a secondary pump for cooling. The heating is provided from a hot water boiler located in the penthouse. The boilers and most of the air handlers are new.

Plumbing: Some of the fixtures are ADA compliant. The fixtures and domestic water piping are in satisfactory condition. The waste piping is very old cast iron and needs to be re-worked.

Electrical: The electrical has been recently renovated. Emergency exit and egress lights (battery backup devices) are in good condition.

Fire Alarm System: The system is new and in good condition.

There is no emergency generator.

Power Distribution: Electrical service and distribution were upgraded concurrently with other electrical systems.