Existing Conditions

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Building Conditions Summary

0004 - Library North

The building was constructed and occupied by the university in 1966.

Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning System: Air handling unites were recently replaced. Library North is connected to the West Loop Chiller Plant, with a 15-year-old standby unit in the building. The cooling tower, in very poor condition, is also for standby use. The electric heat strip is new.

Plumbing: All restrooms are in need of upgrade. The aged plumbing throughout should be replaced in the near future.

Electrical: T8-lamps and electronic ballast lighting is adequate. Exit and egress lighting was recently upgraded and the battery backup units are in good condition.

Fire Alarm System: The system is adequate but needs to be upgraded.

There is no generator in this building.

The switchgear is the original, and there is probably spare capacity because of additions to the original system. The lighting panels throughout the building are original equipment and need to be upgraded. This system is in fair condition, but will need additional low voltage panel sections in order to handle smaller electronic loads in the future.