Existing Conditions

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Classroom South

Image 3.28 Classroom South constructed in 1966, remains in good condition.

Building Conditions Summary

0005 - Classroom South

Classrooms are generally in good condition. Computer labs have an adequate supply of AV and data connections. Lighting and chalkboards are available and in good condition. Armed chairs need replacement in the classrooms. The acoustics are good in every lab. Overall this 1966 building functions well and is in good condition. (See Image 3.28)

Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning System: Air conditioning and air handler units are in good condition. The chiller is about 12 years old but in good condition. All components are in reasonably good condition. The supplemental run-around heat pump system, installed for weekend cooling, is never used and is in like-new condition.

Plumbing: All plumbing is in good operational condition.

Electrical: Aged motor starters are in need of replacement or upgrade. The failed sub-floor electrical system in the computer classroom requires replacement. All other electrical systems and components are in good condition.