Existing Conditions

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General Classroom Building

Image 3.30 General Classroom Building houses general purpose classrooms and computer labs.

Building Conditions Summary

0007 - General Classroom Building

Constructed in 1971, this building houses general-purpose classrooms and computer labs of varied sizes, and College of Arts and Sciences offices. Most rooms are furnished with tablet armchairs. Room sizes are sufficient but some are crowded with too many armchairs. In many rooms these chairs are mismatched and the writing surfaces are inadequately small. Projection screens cover half the presentation board space in almost all rooms.

Additional seating areas outside the classrooms to accommodate students waiting for class or to accommodate study between classes would be advantageous.

Lighting: Lighting is fair but controls are limited. During the survey, an electrician was adding can lights in the back of each room to facilitate note taking when the fluorescent lights were off for AV presentations. Rooms are adequately equipped with AV and data connections. (See Image 3.30)

Upper floors house long, narrow seminar rooms seating 20 to 30 people. The narrow layout creates a cramped atmosphere. Close proximity of the seating to chalkboards on the long walls of the rooms renders the boards useless. There are two large open computer labs at the ends of two upper floors.

Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning System: The West Plant chiller, with new chillers and cooling towers is in this building. All air handlers and distribution systems need to be replaced. Controls need to be upgraded in all the constant volume boxes. The air distribution system needs to be renovated in this building.

Plumbing: The fixtures and valves are all original equipment and need to be replaced soon. This building never had floor drains in the restrooms and they need to be added.

Lighting: Exit and egress lighting are in adequate condition.

There is an emergency generator for this building.

Fire Alarm System: The system is operational, but needs to be upgraded.

Electrical: The electrical systems are old and need upgrading throughout. There are inadequate low voltage spares and spaces for 120 volt loads.