Existing Conditions

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Sports Arena

Image 3.31 Sports Arena There are plans to replace the 5,000 seat arena with a 10,000 seat facility to better accommodate commencement ceremonies and athletic competitions.

Building Conditions Summary

0008 - Sports Arena

The Sports Arena was constructed in 1973. After the Student Recreation Center was built, the Sports Arena became utilized primarily for classrooms, offices, sports education labs, athletics, and administrative space. The arena, used for basketball, volleyball, and commencement, is inadequate. Sports labs and classrooms are spacious and equipped with current AV / data technology, although some desks and chairs need replacement. Overall the building is in good condition. (See Image 3.31)

Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning: The system is being renovated. The first floor renovation is complete, and the second and third floor design and contracts have been let. Work is to begin soon. There are two chillers; one 160 ton and one 275 ton. There are four air handlers on the fifth floor of the Sports Arena that serve the basketball court. They are old, in bad condition, and pneumatic controls need replacing. The refrigerants in the chillers are environmentally friendly.

Electrical: Two electric boilers provide heating water. They are old but operate satisfactorily.
Plumbing: Domestic water piping is in good condition. The building is without ADA-compliant water fountains; a matter requiring attention. Some sanitary piping is old and leaks. Domestic hot water service emanates from a steam boiler in the Aquatics Building; an inefficient utilization. Installation of a new domestic hot water tank located in the Sports Arena is recommended.

Electrical: The lighting is reasonably good in the building. The F-40 lamps are being converted to T8 lamps with electronic ballasts on an ongoing basis.

Lighting: Emergency exit and egress lighting is adequate and powered by an emergency generator.

Fire Alarm System: The fire alarm system was upgraded in 2005 to meet current code requirements.

Power Distribution: The building’s original equipment is in satisfactory condition. There appear to be adequate spares and spaces for the building.