Existing Conditions

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Urban Life Building

Image 3.32 Urban Life Building is home to the College of Law, the College of Health & Human Sciences and the Psychology Department.

Building Conditions Summary

0010 - Urban Life Building

This building houses Law, the College of Health & Human Sciences, and Psychology. All of the space assigned to Law is in very good condition and the rooms reviewed are scattered throughout the first six floors. Law has a number of departmental classrooms, a few computer labs, and a moot courtroom. The large lecture hall, Room 220, is in need of some improvements but overall is a good space.

There is a very large math interactive computer lab located on the third floor and is the only math space in this building. It was recently developed in an old dining facility and is in new condition, but workstation layout could be improved to eliminate wasted space.

Psychology research labs on the seventh and eleventh floors are in good condition. The ninth floor houses a very good college computer lab and the Nursing program. Overall this building is in good condition. (See Image 3.32)

Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning System: The chilled water supply is connected to the East Campus Loop. There is one chiller inside the building and one cooling tower on the roof, which is new and in good condition.

Five original air handlers and six return fans on the fifth floor are in fair to poor condition. The hot water boiler is old and in poor to fair condition. The air handling system that serves the Law Library is in very poor condition and needs replacement.

Plumbing: Original domestic hot and cold water piping is in poor condition. The heating tanks on the first and fifth floors are in especially bad condition and need to be replaced soon. In 2005 the university upgraded floors eight, ten, twelve, and other floors for ADA compliance.

Lighting: Lighting is being upgraded in areas under renovation. Lighting in conference areas is incandescent, and should be upgraded.

Fire Alarm System: The fire alarm system is being upgraded along with
other upgrades.

There is an emergency generator in this building.

Power Distribution: The power distribution system appears to be in reasonably good condition. Some of the equipment is old. Branch circuit capacities are being upgraded as the building is renovated.