Existing Conditions

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Building Conditions Summary

0015 - College of Education

The building was first constructed in 1962 and occupied by the university in 1993. It provides facilities for College of Education programs—Early Childhood, Middle and Secondary, Education Psychology, and Counseling.

First-floor classrooms and computer labs are in good condition. An impressive second floor contains several very good classrooms and a large computer lab area. All of the space is in very good condition. Individual College departments occupy each of the higher floors.

Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning System: Cooling: A replacement chiller was on order and was scheduled to arrive around June 1, 2005. The existing 350 ton York chiller is fairly new. Most of the air handling units have been replaced and upgraded and are in good condition. However the Titus VAV boxes have problems and there are control difficulties. There is a replacement cooling tower on order.

Heating: Heating is provided by electric strip heat as part of the Titus VAV boxes.

Plumbing: The toilets all comply with ADA. The fixtures are in adequate condition. The sanitary risers are loaded to capacity and drainage is slow in some areas. Plumbing is in good condition, but operating at capacity.

Electrical: Lighting is in good condition using T8 lamps and electronic ballasts.
Lighting: The emergency exit and egress lighting is fairly new and in good condition; some have battery backups.

Fire Alarm System: New voice-activated fire alarm system is in good condition.

There is an emergency generator in this building, which is in good condition.

Power Distribution: The building is still using the original switchgear expanded by one module. A transfer switch for the emergency generator has been added. It appears to be functioning reasonably well. There appears to be adequate capacity remaining in the system.