Existing Conditions

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Library South

Image 3.33 Library South was built in 1987 and is currently undergoing renovation.

Building Conditions Summary

0020 - Library South

Library South was constructed and occupied in 1987. (See Image 3.33)

Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning System: The air conditioning system is generally in good condition. The chillers are operational. The boiler has been re-tubed, and the cooling tower was recently renovated. Controls are operating adequately. The only problem is in the computer area where the load exceeds the capabilities. There are plans to increase the cooling in this area.

Plumbing: The solar domestic water heating system is no longer functional, leaks and needs to be removed. A backup electric domestic water heater provides hot water in the Library. Valves for sinks and lavatories need to be upgraded and replaced.

Electrical: The motor starters need to be upgraded but everything else is in good condition.