Existing Conditions

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Alumni Hall

Image 3.34 Alumni Hall, occupied by Georgia State since 1992, was originally constructed in 1927. The art deco building is home to the Administration as well as Alumni services.

Building Conditions Summary

0021 - Alumni Hall

Constructed in 1927 and occupied by the university in 1992, spaces were generally found to be in good condition. The conference room has an adequate number of AV and data connections. Lighting and chalkboards are in good condition. One classroom on the first floor is cramped due to its narrow layout. Chalkboards are located on the long wall of the room and are generally rendered useless by the close proximity of the seating. Overall this building is in excellent condition. (See Image 3.34)

Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning System: The old reciprocating chillers are in poor condition and need to be replaced. The cooling tower was upgraded in 1997 and is in satisfactory condition. Original air handlers are operational but are approaching the end of their useful life. The VAV and PIU boxes have been refurbished and the controls upgraded. The separate air handling and cooling unit in the President’s area is fairly new. The boiler is old, but has been renovated and is operating reasonably well.

Plumbing: Toilets need to be upgraded in this facility. In the childcare area, the drainage needs some upgrading and renovation.

Electrical: Electrical is almost loaded to capacity, but is operational.

Fire Alarm System: System is operational, in fair condition, but should be upgraded to meet present codes. Fire alarm system is in fair condition.