Existing Conditions

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One Park Place

Image 3.35 One Park Place, which is located near Woodruff Park, is home to the Department of Communication and various administrative units.

Building Conditions Summary

0022 - One Park Place

The Department of Communication and administrative units are the primary tenants of One Park Place. The first floor comprises the Digital Arts Communication program, several editing rooms, the Audience Response Theatre, a large production studio, and incubator space rented to the private sector. Upon inspection, most rooms were in good condition and equipped with sophisticated editing and production equipment. The large production studio is sited along a glass partition with exterior exposure, and would be better situated on the building’s interior for enhanced soundproofing.

Two advanced digital post-production labs are located on the second floor; one in very good condition, one under development. These spaces also serve the Digital Arts program. A computer lab occupied by the Educational Opportunity program on the fourth floor seems crowded.
Small research labs on the seventh and ninth floors are adequate. The building is generally in reasonable condition. (See Image 3.35)

Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning System: Two chillers are in fair condition; one, the original, may utilize R11 refrigerant, the other is about 10 years old. Currently functioning at an adequate level, these units will require replacement in the near future.

The entire heating system needs replacement. A 1956 vintage steam boiler, and another in service for about a decade, supply heat to perimeter convectors and require continuous maintenance. Designed for open space, the system now serves a multitude of small rooms. Worn convector control valves are being replaced, the air-handling system is the original, and there are major problems with return air paths.

Plumbing: The system is unsatisfactory. The water is undrinkable due to high lead and copper content. Some ADA restrooms are available but not on every floor.

Lighting: Lighting fixtures in several areas have been replaced and upgraded. There are still some remaining original fixtures to be replaced as the building is modified, renovated and upgraded.

Emergency Exit and Egress Lights: Battery pack units are working relatively well, and are in fair to good condition.

Fire Alarm System: A voice evacuation system has been recently upgraded and is in good condition.

There is no emergency generator.

Power Distribution: The original switchboard is still in place. Two lighting panels on each floor are filled with branch circuits. Some sub panels have been added. An upgrade and renovation of the electrical system is due.