Existing Conditions

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Natural Science Center

Image 3.36 Natural Science Center is located on Decatur Street and houses classrooms and labs for chemistry, biology, geology, physics and astronomy.

Building Conditions Summary

0024 - Natural Science Center

This building was constructed in 1992 for chemistry, biology, geology, physics and astronomy research and instruction. Most of the space is in good condition and functional. Layout of the building seems logical and orderly. The condition of individual labs varies by user; some were in complete disarray, others organized and clean. Corridors are narrow, but would benefit from tackable surfaces or wall-mounted display panels to showcase instructional activities in the sciences, especially on floors where instructional labs are located.

Instructional labs seem to have sufficient space and the lab benches are in very good condition with sufficient utilities and lap top computers mounted to the benches. The average capacity is 24 stations. Sight lines were a problem in a few instructional labs due to the location of the utility poles / exhaust system. Prep rooms seemed sufficient in size and were adjacent to, and in some cases, connected directly to the labs. Problems with mechanical systems and lack of storage were noted by several users present at the time of inspection. Overall, this building was in good to excellent condition. (See Image 3.36)

Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning System: The HVAC system is in good condition. The original chillers and cooling towers are still in place and in good condition. Some coil replacement has taken place because of freezing. Variable speed drives have been retro-fit to most of the air handling units, and some ductwork has been modified for better air flow in certain areas. Both boilers are still in good condition and provide adequate heating.

Plumbing: There are problems with the glass acid waste lines cracking beneath the first floor. Glass waste piping should not be used in future installations. Everything else remains in good condition.

Lighting: Georgia State is in the process changing the lamps from T40’s to T8’s and the ballasts from standard to electronic. Exit and egress lighting are in good condition and connected to the generators.

Fire Alarm System: The fire alarm system is in good-to-fair condition.

The generator is in good condition.

The power distribution remains adequate and is functioning as designed.