Existing Conditions

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J. Mack Robinson College of Business

Image 3.38 J. Mack Robinson College of Business is located in what was once the C&S Bank Building and previously named the Empire Building. This historic structure does not efficiently meet the needs of J. Mack Robinson College of Business

Building Conditions Summary

0030 - J. Mack Robinson College of Business

Expansive arched doorways and windows, a classic façade and rich wood paneling give this 1901 building its muscular aesthetic appeal. Formerly known as the C&S Bank Building, it is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. With Bank of America on the first floor, the university occupies the remainder of the building-- offices and computer labs.

Larger labs on the lower floors and in Room 821 are in good condition. The labs on the upper floors are small and look more like graduate-student offices. In most cases they are crowded yet in satisfactory condition. There are some very large offices not suited to current office-space standards. (See Image 3.38)

Mechanical: With the exception of the modified control systems for the air distribution perimeter induction, the mechanical system remains unchanged since its 1997 renovation. The heating is from a steam boiler with a hot water converter. The chillers are R-11 refrigerant units. Two new chillers are being installed. The air handling units are reaching the end of their useful life, and need to be replaced.

Plumbing: Plumbing is in poor condition. The water lines are all galvanized, blistering, and need to be replaced. There are enough ADA fixtures for minimum compliance but not throughout the building. The cast iron waste piping is showing wear and age in some areas.

Lighting: Lighting is good and has been recently replaced with T8 lamps and new electronic ballasts. Exit and egress lighting is in good condition, with LED exits and battery backup units.

Fire Alarm System: The fire alarm is about 10 years old and in satisfactory condition.

There is an emergency generator unit located on the roof. It is 480 volts stepped down to 208 volts. The building power is a 208 volt 3-phase system. Much of the building is equipped with emergency power.

Power Distribution: The electrical service is a 208 volt 3-phase fair to good condition. There appear to be adequate spaces for branch circuits. The problem is accessibility because there are hard ceilings, plaster and/or gypboard, throughout the building.