Existing Conditions

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Building Conditions Summary

0031 - 184 Edgewood Avenue

A warehouse constructed in 1934 and occupied by the university in 1992, this building conversion houses the main sculpture lab. It envelopes an uncovered outdoor foundry and contains a 3-D/Clay Studio as well as large multipurpose studio space for plaster, metal, and woodworking media. With as many as three simultaneous class sessions, 12 to 15 students in each class, this building displays a low level of functionality. The entire building is in very poor condition and crowded with equipment.

Overall this is one of the worst facilities reviewed and should be replaced. Mixed activities in the larger space weigh on functionality for several reasons. Safety is a factor with classes in session, equipment is operated and machinery moved through the building. The outdoor foundry is in terrible condition and should be covered. The building has no air conditioning and is infested with insects.