Existing Conditions

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Rialto Theater

Image 3.39 Rialto Theater hosts artistic performances and is a major draw for arts patrons in the City. It is also home to lab and practice space for the Music Department.

Building Conditions Summary

0036 - Rialto Theater

Rialto Theater is one of the more recently renovated buildings on campus. Most laboratories and practice rooms are located on the ground floor and are dedicated to the music department. The acoustics are excellent in every room. Overall this is a very functional building. (See Image 3.39)
Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning System: There are serious humidity problems in the summer. There is no re-heat and there are problems with heating and humidity control. Georgia State has modified the cooling system to utilize a water-side economizer using a water-source-plate frame heat exchanger in order to keep from rapid cycling of the chiller unit in the theater.

Plumbing: During occasions of high use, there is a problem with sanitary waste in the building. In heavy rain, sewage backs up into the basement because of the city’s combination storm and sanitary system. A study is currently underway to provide a forced main for injection of waste from the theater into the city’s combined units.

Electrical: The electrical system is 480 volts.

Lighting: The emergency exit and egress lighting systems are fine. The emergency generator is located in the Haas-Howell Building.

Fire Alarm: The fire alarm system is in good condition.