Existing Conditions

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Collins Street

Image 3.15 Collins Street, located below the Courtland Street Viaduct, is dark and feels unsafe even though it is a primary north / south pedestrian connector.

Circulation Systems

Visitors arriving by car or transit have no more than a ten-block walk between the farthest points on campus, including the buildings in the Fairlie Poplar District. Most trips between parking and the main campus buildings are much shorter. (See Figure 3.4)

Decatur Street is the primary pedestrian corridor. From the heart of campus, there is a shortcut to the Fairlie Poplar District facilities through Kell Hall and Hurt Plaza, then on through Woodruff Park and across Peachtree Street.

A mid-block pedestrian crossing on Courtland Street at University Center is controlled by a traffic signal. This is a busy connection between the primary academic block and the numerous student activities and support spaces to the east. The same connection between the two blocks is also possible at grade, below Courtland Street, by crossing on Collins Street between the plaza stairs on the west to the University Center ground floor on the east. (See Image 3.15) Ground floor and internal routes provide an option for covered circulation during inclement weather. However, these spaces are unattractive and may feel unsafe after dark.