Existing Conditions

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Helen M. Aderhold Learning Center

Image 3.44 Helen M. Aderhold Learning Center has set a new standard for classroom buildings on campus. This new facility anchors Georgia State’s presence in the Fairlie Poplar Historic District.

Building Conditions Summary

0059 - Helen M. Aderhold Learning Center

This recently constructed facility houses many general purpose classrooms and lecture halls with some office space. Classrooms are in excellent condition and seem to function well. Furniture is a mixture of tables, chairs, and tablet arm chairs. Tables are equipped with electrical and data outlets. Classrooms are spacious and equipped with current AV / data technology. White boards are used for projection. All rooms have acoustical panels mounted on the side and back walls. Light switches are located at the instructor’s station, but an additional switch should be located at the door for safety reasons. Lighting and sightlines in all rooms are excellent. Each room has a lockable closet for additional A/V equipment. Two rooms on the fourth floor are used primarily for music recital / rehearsal space. Casual seating is located on the ends of the building on all floors, with more seating located in the center of the lower level. (See Image 3.44)

Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning: There are two carrier chillers about three years old with a VAV air distribution system and four air handlers. Lower levels of the building are habitually cold. The temperature can not be controlled on the lowest level due to defective design.

Noise problems are caused by convoluted return-air paths and return-air fans. Some dampers which cause cold drafts in the winter have been omitted from the smoke evacuation system.

Plumbing: These systems are relatively new and in good condition.

Electrical: These systems are relatively new and in good condition.