goal formulation

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Image 2.1 Downtown Atlanta Skyline As Georgia State strives to become a leading urban research university, its downtown Atlanta location will provide a framework for
this growth.

Goal Formulation

Effective campus planning is inextricably linked with the university’s strategic mission. A master plan must align with the institution’s vision, together forming a foundation for making strategic decisions. The physical elements support broad, sweeping academic goals.

Institutional Mission

The university’s mission is clearly articulated in its Strategic Plan 2005-2010. The strategic and master plans must connect in a number of areas. In terms of that connection, we have highlighted key statements.

The overarching aspiration of Georgia State University is to become one of the nation’s premiere research universities in focused areas that maximize our unique strengths. We recognize that perhaps our greatest comparative advantage is our location in Atlanta, a cosmopolitan city with a diverse population, and with close proximity to corporations and centers of state and city government as well as easy access to an international airport. The university will achieve this goal through the continual pursuit of excellence in its instructional and strategic research programs. Georgia State will strive to fulfill the expectations of the citizens of Georgia by providing undergraduate and graduate programs of the highest quality in the arts and sciences, business, education, health and human sciences, law and policy students for traditional and nontraditional students.)