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Distinctive Qualities

Urban Environment

Rather than a campus in the traditional sense, Georgia State is a collection of disconnected individual properties. Atlanta’s urban fabric and the campus are inseparable, so the character and quality of life of one is also that of the other.

Many of the buildings are facilities acquired by the university and adapted for instructional use. Master Planning efforts of the past tried to develop a cohesive campus through the use of platforms and catwalks because of the limitation of open space and parking on the downtown site.


The student enrollment for fall 2004 was 27,000 of which 30 percent was graduate students. Georgia State is the most diverse campus in the state with a minority student enrollment of 46%. The student body includes students from every county in Georgia, every state in the nation and 150 countries. There are more undergraduate biology majors at Georgia State than at any other school in the state.

Currently, 2440 students (9 percent) choose to live on campus. With the 2007 completion of the housing at Piedmont Avenue and Ellis Street, 4440 students (16 percent) will have the opportunity to live on campus.


Georgia State is the recipient of federal, state, and local grants and contracts for research. In the past decade, the amount has tripled from $15 million in 1995 to more than $60 million in 2005.
In addition, the Georgia State University Foundation, Inc., a tax exempt charity recognized by the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia, exists to solicit and manage private donations for the advancement and benefit of the university.

Research & Affiliations

The university has a number of research awards. Some of the source institutions are the United States Departments of Education, Energy, Health and Human Services, the National Endowment for the Humanities, the National Science Foundation, the Georgia Departments of Education and Human Resources, the World Health Organization and other public and private donors. Georgia State has also received a number of public service awards.