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Buildings on Historic Registers


Image 1.5 Haas-Howell Constructed in 1920, Haas-Howell houses recording studios, music labs, and classrooms for the Music Department

Standard Building

IMAGE 1.6 STANDARD BUILDING The Standard Building was built in 1923, and today is used by the Music Department.

J. Mack Robinson College of Business Building

IMAGE 1.7 J. MACK ROBINSON COLLEGE OF BUSINESS Formerly the home of C&S National Bank, the building is now used as office space by the J. Mack Robinson College of Business.

In the City of Atlanta, buildings may be listed on one or more of several historic registers. These include the National Register of Historic Places, the Georgia Register of Historic Places, and as either a landmark or historic building or district within the City of Atlanta. Several of the university’s buildings are listed and several are within the university’s physical sphere of influence.

Historic buildings and districts in the downtown area include:

  • • Haas-Howell: Landmark, building exterior and structure contributing to the Fairlie-Poplar National Register District (See Image 1.5)
  • • Ten Park Place: (The Thornton Building) Landmark, building exterior
  • • Dixie Coca-Cola Bottling Building (neighboring the campus)
  • • Hirsch Hall at Grady Hospital (neighboring the campus)
  • • Standard Building (See Image 1.6)
  • • J. Mack Robinson College of Business Building (C&S National Bank Building/The Empire Building). (See Image 1.7)
  • • The Fairlie-Poplar District
  • • The Martin Luther King, Jr. Landmark District
  • • The Underground Atlanta District

Given the university’s mission and goals, this intimate interaction with the historic fabric of the city can be of significant benefit to both the university and the city. (See Figure 1.3)