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Off-Campus Centers

Panthersville Athletic Complex

Image 1.9 Panthersville Athletic Complex The Panthersville Athletic Complex is located 10 miles from downtown, and is home to the Panther baseball, softball and soccer fields.

North Metro Center

Image 1.10 North Metro Center The center located in Alpharetta offers classes for the College of Education, College of Business Administration, and Continuing Education programs.

  • • Panthersville- 271 acres located 10 miles from downtown, dedicated to research and recreation. (See Images 1.9)
  • • Indian Creek- 16 acres in Dekalb County, a meeting center.
  • • The university leases a 49,720 GSF building at North Metro Center located in Alpharetta 27 miles north of the campus. It is primarily dedicated to College of Education, Robinson College of Business and Continuing Education programs. (See Image 1.10)
  • • Brookhaven Center- 11 miles from the downtown campus, the center offers classes for the Robinson College of Business flex MBA program.

In addition, Georgia State leases facilities throughout the Atlanta Metro area. (See Figure 1.13) The major leased facilities are One Park Place South, Rialto Complex, Georgia State Warehouse, Ten Park Place South and 1,200 parking spaces at Turner Field. The Hard Labor Creek Observatory is a 1,980 SF building located on a one-acre site in Morgan County near Rutledge, Georgia. The university’s Astronomy Research Facility in metro Los Angeles
was dedicated in 2000.