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Envisioning a Georgia State University campus with more than five million gross square feet of modern new facilities represents an ambitious, invigorating yet attainable plan. Improved public spaces, new reciprocating connections with myriad commercial interests, a vibrant residential population and a welcoming new face open to visitors, all working in concert, will bring “Main Streets” to life. The promise of this plan’s success lies in the continued creativity and verve responsible for the university’s recognition as a major urban institution of learning and research.

As a component of this plan update, the team has prepared a master plan-level budget to provide an order-of-magnitude cost estimate. This estimate (Table 6.1) outlines projected costs of new buildings, renovations, un-programmed square footage, and public space improvements. Several plan elements are in the state capital planning cycle (the Humanities building, for instance). For components not in the cycle, this estimate should inform future state capital requests, the Georgia State University Foundation’s capital campaign needs and public/private partnerships.

Numbers represented here in 2005 dollars are based on industry knowledge and relevant experience. Price escalation, land costs, soft costs and contingencies are not included.

The team also provides herewith a preliminary schedule for implementing projects, estimating the timeframe for design, construction and occupancy of each. The schedule and budget estimates are intended to serve as tools for use by the university’s facilities office.