Master Plan

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Master Plan Development Background

Since this master plan emerges from concepts and goals formulated in the 1997 Main Street Plan, a review of those concepts serves as a basis for understanding this 2005 update.

Three distinct alternatives were considered in arriving at the 1997 Main Street Plan. The selected concept focused on enhancing Decatur Street as the Main Street, enlivening an urban academic community. Decatur Street was envisioned as the spine on which the campus would grow. The plan also called for a number of physical enhancements to Decatur Street, such as reducing traffic lanes, widening sidewalks, adding street trees and site furnishings, improving signage and wayfinding, and creating stronger pedestrian connections.

The second concept for consideration, “the Urban Infill Scheme,” was based on a strategy of property acquisition along Decatur Street. The third concept, “the Edgewood Scheme” focused on developing Edgewood Avenue as a strong connector of university functions. Streetscape improvements were recommended from Woodruff Park to the I-75/85 Connector and Hurt Park was identified as a key campus open space.

Against that important backdrop, the team tested concepts and validated thinking set forth in the previous effort. These ideas became the foundation for this update, essentially a plan of main streets along with expansion. The “Main Street” plan becomes a “Main Streets” plan encompassing each of the three concepts manifested in the 1997 effort. University boundaries stretch north to Ellis Street to encompass the new residence halls, in essence following the infill strategy.

The key elements of this update include:

  • • Evolve the Concept from Main Street to Main Streets
  • • Identify and Locate Planned Projects
  • • Create a Framework for Growth
  • • Transform the Library Plaza
  • • Enhance Campus Image and Identity
  • • Create a Strong Urban Street Edge and Usable Public Spaces
  • (See Figure 5.1)