Master Plan

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Wall Street Student Housing

This project is another example of creative measures being taken to realize the vision of a vibrant urban residential campus. Georgia State plans to sell the housing built for the 1996 Olympic Games and purchased by Georgia State to house 2,000 students. The sale proceeds would be leveraged in partnership with the Atlanta Development Authority (ADA) to accommodate up to 1500 students on four blocks adjacent to Underground Atlanta and on several smaller scattered sites. (See Figure 5.12)

The Wall Street Student Housing would accomplish a number of key objectives important for the university and the city. It would allow 1,500 Georgia State students to live within walking distance of campus, greatly enhancing their university experience. Along with the Piedmont-Ellis Housing project and existing loft housing, it would create a critical mass of nearly 4,000 students living on-campus. It would invigorate Underground Atlanta and surrounding commercial uses on Decatur Street by creating a 24-hour demand for commercial and support services.

The partnership established with the ADA for this venture is the type of creative approach that enabled the last master plan to be implemented and will be required to make the updated master plan a reality.

Figure 5.12 View of proposed student housing near Underground Atlanta

Figure 5.12 View of proposed student housing near Underground Atlanta