Master Plan

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A New Convocation Center / Arena

Image 5.5 Proposed Convocation Center / Arena

Image 5.5 Proposed Convocation Center / Arena

As a major urban university, Georgia State has expanded beyond the bounds of its existing arena. A seating capacity of 4,500 dictates the need for seven commencement ceremonies. Competition in the Colonial Athletic Association requires state-of-the-art facilities, and the existing arena does not reflect the university’s place in Division I participation. Access is awkward and difficult. Spectators must enter through bridges or at court level then climb steps into the seating bowl.

The plan calls for replacing the arena with a modern, 10,000-seat facility on the same site. The new building should make a strong presence along Decatur Street and, along with the University Science Park, will create a bold new architectural character in the southeastern campus area.

A venue of this size would also fill a void in the local market for mid-sized public events and performances. With creative management and a marketing approach, the university could accommodate all of its internal needs and use the facility to generate additional revenue. (See Image 5.5)