Projected Needs

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Category 500 - Special and 600 - General

The CEFPI guidelines have specific calculations for portions of the next two space categories, 500 SPECIAL and 600 GENERAL. The areas calculated in the CEFPI guidelines for Category 500 include Athletics / Physical Education, Audio/Visual/Television, and Field Buildings / Animal Quarters / Greenhouses. The areas calculated in Category 600 include Assembly / Exhibition, Lounge/Merchandising, and Recreation / Student Service. CEFPI does not calculate four elements of Category 500 and 600 space utilized by Georgia State: Spectator Seating (523), Other (indeterminable function) (590), Food Service (630/635), and Day Care (640/645). For these items, the existing Georgia State ASF was added to the CEFPI calculation in order to match the consulting team’s detailed program in the most conservative way possible. As with other areas, the consulting team interviewed each college to calculate specific space needs for all Category 500 and 600 space.

The facilities represented in these two categories are often inter changeable, or arbitrarily assigned. For instance, a multi-purpose convocation center is used for both athletic (500) and assembly (600) events - it makes sense to draw comparisons with the CEFPI guideline calculation only at the combined summary level. The total FY 2015 CEFPI guideline space requirement for Categories 500 and 600, including the existing square footage for the missing items listed above,
is approximately 990,000 ASF.

This is approximately 500,000 ASF more than the existing 482,000 ASF. That proposed increase is due largely to the fact that Georgia State has already begun to reach the limits of its recently-constructed Student Recreation Center, has an outdated and undersized multi-purpose Sports Arena and is critically short of student activity space. The primary existing facilities serving the needs of the 500/600 categories are the recreation center, the overcrowded Sports Arena building shared by academics, athletics and recreation and the Rialto Theater.

Both the existing and projected totals contain ”Other Special Use (590)” space of nearly 52,000 ASF. This is primarily assigned to Auxiliary Services and leased space.

Following are the individual CEFPI calculations:

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