Projected Needs

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Category 500 - Special and 600 - General (continued)

5.1 Athletic/ P.E./ Recreation Space (520/515/523/525)

In this sub-category, the CEFPI guidelines address indoor athletic, physical education and recreational spaces. The guidelines provide a minimum core space of 20,000 ASF for the first 1,000 students, plus 5 additional ASF for every FTE student. Spectator seating (523) is excluded from the CEFPI calculation, so the existing 16,900 ASF in this category was added to the CEFPI space requirement calculation for 2004. For 2010 and 2015 the estimated future need was used.
The calculated FY 2015 indoor space requirement is approximately 279,000 ASF, a growth of 130,000 ASF. A new convocation center would expand the spectator seating capacity significantly.

The outdoor playfield-related areas are based on practice hours and game hours. Note: facilities classified as student service and recreation are described in section 6.6.

Table 4.15 Indoor Athletic/ P.E./ Recreation Space

Table 4.15 Indoor Athletic/ P.E./ Recreation Space