Projected Needs

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Category 500 - Special and 600 - General (continued)

5.2 Audio/Visual (530/535)

The CEFPI guideline recommends a “core guideline” space of 9,800 ASF for the first 4,000 FTE students, plus one ASF for every undergraduate student FTE over 4,000, and an additional two ASF for every graduate student FTE. The CEFPI guideline lists assignable square-footage requirements for Audio/Visual/ Television spaces comprising traditional campus media resource centers, such as photography studios, graphics studios, and television/ radio facilities.

Table 4.16 Audio/ Visual Space

Table 4.16 Audio/ Visual Space

A campus media distribution head-end facility did not exist when the CEFPI guidelines were developed. Many institutions have begun to centralize their media resources campus-wide distribution. While this campus media head-end may come in many forms and with varying requirements, typical spaces in a campus media center include a master control room (800-1,000 ASF), and storage areas for media and portable equipment (500 -700 ASF).

Therefore, we proposed the following revised CEFPI core guideline:

  • Graphics 1,200
  • Photography 1,200
  • Equipment/Materials 1,400
  • Equipment Maintenance 1,200
  • Instructional Development 2,400
  • Media Master Control Room 800
  • TV 1,200
  • Staff Offices 1,000
  • Shop 600
  • Storage 700
  • TOTAL 11,700 ASF

Also a large percentage of the A/V core space is now normally classified as laboratory space. Therefore the core guidelines should be reduced to 0.5 ASF per FTE.

The calculated FY 2015 space requirement is 25,450 ASF, a growth of nearly 11,500 ASF. This growth will be accommodated by reallocating space in existing buildings.