Projected Needs

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Category 500 - Special and 600 - General (continued)

5.4 Field Buildings / Animal Quarters / Greenhouses (560/570/580)

The CEFPI guideline recommends three ASF per FTE student, plus 25 ASF per students within selected disciplines, and 100 ASF per FTE faculty conducting research within those selected disciplines. At Georgia State, the disciplines using these facilities are animal care, biology, and psychology. The calculated FY 2015 space requirement is 34,650 ASF, compared with an existing 13,725 ASF. The scheduled new Science Teaching Lab and Research Lab buildings would accommodate some of this need.

However the CEFPI guidelines overstate the need for this type of space at Georgia State. These guidelines were developed for calculating greenhouse and animal quarter facilities for individual disciplines. Being an urban campus without schools of agriculture, veterinary medicine and medicine, a more realistic figure of 1.1 per FTE student should be applied for the entire campus. This 1.1 ASF also considers faculty use of the space.

Table 4.18 Field Buildings / Animal Quarters / Greenhouses

Table 4.18 Field Buildings / Animal Quarters / Greenhouses