Projected Needs

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The total CEFPI Space Guidelines’ calculation for FY 2015 space requirements is approximately 5,500,000 ASF. The value represents a 100 percent growth of the existing 2,716,000 ASF. Nearly half of the increase represents projected residential space needs.

Buildings targeted for demolition or disposition - Sparks Hall, Kell Hall, Aquatics, Courtland Building, Counseling Center, the 148, 158 and 184 Edgewood buildings, the Sports Arena, the Georgia State Village and N, S, and K decks - generate an additional need of 971,000 ASF to replace them, bringing the total FY 2015 new building requirement to nearly 3.75 million ASF.

A number of facilities are proposed to meet this need. The following is a list of the programmed, scheduled, or proposed buildings:

  • Science Teaching Laboratory Building
  • Science Research Laboratory Building
  • Humanities Building
  • Convocation Center
  • Student Recreation Center Expansion
  • Professional Education Center (Business & Law)
  • Piedmont Ellis Housing
  • Wall Street Student Housing
  • Special Interest Housing
  • North Metro Center Expansion