Projected Needs

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Category 100 - General Classroom Space

Classrooms at Georgia State are distributed throughout campus with the primary concentration in the Urban Life Building, the General Classroom Building, the Classroom South Building and the Helen M. Aderhold Learning Center. Except for Friday afternoons and evenings, classrooms are used throughout the entire day from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. Total room use for this period is nearly 45 percent. Station utilization (seats in use when the room is being used) is higher than the norm at more than 70 percent.

A large portion of the classrooms are used by the College of Arts and Sciences, primarily from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. while the Colleges of Business and Education have a higher use in the evening.

As the university replaces classrooms, primarily those in Sparks and Kell Halls, and constructs the additional rooms for the increased enrollment, consideration should be given to providing classrooms in the 20 to 30 and the 70 to 100 seat ranges.

Based on post-1985 advances in instructional technology, the consulting team recommends an increase of five ASF per student in the standard seminar and classroom space and three ASF per student in the standard lecture hall space. The ASF/ WSCH space factor would be increased from 1.067 to 1.333 for seminar, from 0.800 to 1.067 for classroom, and from 0.615 to 0.769 for lecture, as shown below:

  • Seminar: 25 ASF / (30 hrs. x 62.5% occupancy) = 1.333
  • Classroom: 20 ASF / (30 hrs. x 62.5% occupancy) = 1.067
  • Lecture: 15 ASF / (30 hrs. x 65% occupancy) = 0.769

The average space factor for all Georgia State general classroom space, based on the weighted average of weekly student-contact hours (WSCH) projected for each general classroom type, would change from 0.793 (using the CEFPI guideline values) to 1.031. The FY 2015 space requirement is approximately 311,500 ASF, a growth of nearly 150,000 ASF.

Based on the detailed classroom utilization study, the need is 296,000 ASF using the current WSCH / FTE of 9.4. Should Georgia State increase this to a normal average of 10 WSCH / FTE, the need would be 327,000 ASF. Therefore the CEFPI calculation is in the mid-range of the two estimates.

There are 50 classrooms with 24,500 ASF that will be demolished or should be removed from service due to poor condition. There are 40 in Sparks Hall, nine in Kell Hall, and one in the College of Education. Therefore the total growth is nearly 175,000 ASF.

Table 4.11 General classroom space

Table 4.11 General classroom space