Projected Needs

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Category 300 - Office Space

The CEFPI guidelines calculate office space based on a division of projected staff into seven office-type categories, each with anywhere from one to four subcategories of space, called “modules” (office, conference, auxiliary space, lounge, etc). The staff count is then multiplied by a “Module Size Range” for each module. * Based on the distribution of 7,075 FY 2015 FTE (workstation count) staff for the university and using mid-range module values, the office space requirement calculates to an average space of 132 square feet per person, or approximately 933,900 ASF. Currently the average office space, based on current need, is 138 ASF but as additional personnel are added (larger percent of staff and graduate students) the average office size is reduced to 135 for 2010 and 132 for 2015.

The consulting team utilized a more detailed process. Various office types were prepared based on Georgia State standards and preferred levels of hierarchy. Assuming all Georgia State departments were to move into new or renovated space at the standards set forth in the detailed program, the same 7,075 staff count in the detailed calculation using CEFPI guidelines yields an average of 129 square feet per person, or nearly 915,000 ASF, 19,000 less than the 933,900 ASF CEFPI calculation. The CEFPI calculation of 933,900 ASF represents a FY 2015 growth of nearly 190,000 ASF.

Table 4.13 Office Space The Office FTE is the estimated number of office workstations. In 2004 the total includes the administrators (146), staff (2,151), faculty (1,441), and student workers (290) and graduate students requiring offices (approx. 1,525), offices for the student organizations, additional offices for centers, office meeting space for the physical plant employees, etc.
* The combined Module Size Range of office space is 180-350 square feet for the Executive/Administrative category, down to 45-64 square feet for the graduate student and clerical staff office categories.

Table 4.13 Office Space