Current aerial photo of Downtown Atlanta
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Maps have the potential to extend the depth of our knowledge and experience. Combined with
visual images and text, they become influential in creating and sustaining notions about a
historical context. Therefore, maps are an effective way to present the past, understand space, and
charge discourse.

With a multidisciplinary focus, the Center seeks to address urban problems and advance
knowledge about the urban environment. The map projects of the CNMS are provided as a
resource for research, teaching and as a service to the community. Below are a series of
interactive maps and new media that explore the complexities of neighborhoods and metropolitan

2003 Projects:

Map of Downtown Atlanta - 1871COMING SOON! Georgia State University Neighborhood - Interactive map of the GSU neighborhood from 1871 to 2003. Explores the urban history of the area with historic and current photos and narratives about specific locations.


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