Students outside the 24 Ivy Street Building (now Kell Hall) - 1946
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The Center for Neighborhood & Metropolitan Studies builds on current urban research being conducted by GSU faculty. The department of Anthropology and Geography has a $60,000 contract with the Great Cities’ Universities Transportation Initiative to conduct a comparison of the land use assessment strategies being used by the Atlanta Regional Commission and SMARTTRAQ. The Department of History has $140,000 in contracts for research on the Georgia Capitol.In the future, the Center will seek to expand research efforts in a variety of cities around the world, including those in Egypt, India, China, Africa, South America, and Europe. The Center will build on efforts underway in the College of Arts and Sciences to undertake comparative urban studies with faculties at other universities around the world. In addition, the Center will work in tandem with centers in the University with an international focus to develop urban research projects.

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