Office for Underrepresented Faculty

Despite remarkable progress in student diversity, faculty diversity at American colleges and universities has been much less varied. In response to this dilemma at Georgia State University, President Carl Patton and Provost Ron Henry established the Office for Underrepresented Faculty in December 1999 to further assist university academic programs in recruitment and retention of ethnic minority faculty. The purpose of the Office for Underrepresented Faculty is to provide university-wide programs that help improve efforts at the university to attract and retain tenure-track ethnic minority faculty.

The Senior Faculty Associate-Underrepresented Faculty, Professor Cora Ann Presley, Ph.D, serves as the current appointed administrator, within the Office of the Provost, responsible for coordinating the activities of the Office for Underrepresented Faculty. The senior faculty associate collaborates with the provost, deans and faculty of the various colleges and schools at Georgia State to offer the resources and opportunities needed to enhance the cultural diversity of the tenure-track faculty. In this collaboration, policies and programs are developed and implemented that address the unique social, economic, and structural obstacles to professional advancement within the university for ethnic minority faculty. Administrative polices are now available that provide guidance in recruitment of ethnic minority faculty that are expected to be uniformly enforced across the university. Similarly, a minority faculty mentoring program has been developed to offer other opportunities that enhance professional development for minority faculty.

The Office for Underrepresented Faculty website is provided to improve campus awareness of this office, to communicate information needed by various constituents, and to document resources available for ethnic minority faculty.

The Senior Faculty Associate-Underrepresented Faculty extends appreciation to David Richardson and the staff at UETS Web Services for their invaluable assistance in developing this website.

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