Diversity Resources

Several resources on faculty diversity are provided that may assist ethnic minority tenure-track faculty in addressing their personal and professional needs as members of the academic community. These resources include publications relevant to issues about diversity for minority faculty in higher education and lists of appropriate campus and national websites on topics regarding ethnic diversity within the academic faculty.

Substantial information has been published on ethnic diversity among faculty in American universities. Numerous topics are discussed in these publications that may be useful to administrators and faculty interested in ethnic diversity. Many of these sources cited here are available in the campus library. Moreover, these publications provide answers to questions that many faculty may have about their personal experiences in the university academic community. Also, they provide important information that may guide strategic planning by the administration in efforts to improve ethnic diversity on our faculty.

The lists of websites provide an easily accessible source to our campus and other national websites on faculty ethnic diversity. These lists are intended to offer convenient access to several resources at GSU and other institutions or professional organizations regarding important information on ethnic faculty diversity.