Minority Faculty Recruitment and Retention Programs

The Recruitment Program for Minority Faculty provides and monitors guidelines for the recruitment of ethnic minority tenure-track faculty that should be useful in enhancing the faculty diversity of the university. Since tenure track faculty represent the primary professoriate in the academic community, it is essential that ethnic minority members have sufficient opportunities to be represented in this segment of faculty. Hence, the recruitment guidelines are offered to help advance our efforts to achieve such faculty diversity. Within these guidelines, detailed action plans are stated that specify recommended recruitment procedures that may be used to facilitate the hire of ethnic minority faculty. These recruitment procedures are broad and vary across the different cultures of the respective professional disciplines.

The Mentoring Program for Minority Faculty provides mentoring for junior tenure-track ethnic minority faculty to enable them to acclimate to GSU and to their profession more generally. Junior minority faculty who are employed in a majority institution often face cultural and professional obstacles, both direct and indirect, that their majority colleagues do not. Mentoring by a more senior faculty member may contribute significantly to the career development of such junior faculty, and assist GSU in the retention of such faculty. A hospitable social climate for minority faculty has been shown to be perhaps the most important measure for retaining such faculty, and effective mentoring one of the key factors in creating such a climate. In addition, various departments within the six academic units offer other mentoring opportunities available to faculty in general.

Office for Underrepresented Faculty