Minority Mentoring Program Structure

This program for minority tenure-track faculty provides formal opportunities for mentoring, beyond that available in the academic units. This mentoring program is structured to offer the formation of mentor-mentee pairs, social occasions for minority junior faculty to engage in networking, and group mentoring through workshops that present information uniquely tailored for minority faculty. The program involves two different groups that help administer the program. The Minority Faculty Mentoring Committee oversees the administration of the program and the Minority Faculty Advisory Group provides assistance to locate mentors.

The mentoring committee and advisory group for the program are intended to assist the university to retain ethnic minorities hired as tenure-track faculty and is in compliance with the University Policy on Recruitment and Retention of Ethnic Minority Tenure-Track Faculty. The mentoring committee monitors the mentoring pairs to prevent possible difficulties and annually evaluates efforts to enhance mentoring. The committee is chaired by the Senior Faculty Associate for Underrepresented Faculty and the committee members are appointed by the Deans to represent their respective academic unit. The advisory group consists of any senior faculty member, both majority and minority faculty, who is willing to assist minority junior faculty to locate an appropriate mentor or to serve as a mentor.

The mentor provides the mentee with informal advice about the areas of teaching, research, and service, and helps the mentee establish a professional network within GSU and, if possible, within the mentee’s field.All tenure-track and tenured faculty are eligible to participate, with mentees as untenured Assistant or Associate Professors and mentors as tenured Associate or Full Professors. Participation is completely voluntary on the part of both mentors and mentees. The mentee may remain with this original mentor indefinitely or may add another mentor at any time. Mentees can select more than one mentor, perhaps for different purposes, and mentors can counsel more than one mentee.

Office for Underrepresented Faculty