Minority Recruitment Program Structure

The guidelines for the recruitment of minority faculty are implemented through the governing structures of the six colleges and schools with assistance from the Senior Faculty Associate for Underrepresented Faculty in the Office of the Provost. Also, the Senate Cultural Diversity Committee provides assistance as needed as part of its responsibility to help the university community develop and sustain a diverse academic environment. The Office of Diversity Training and Planning offers numerous workshops that provide information on intercultural communication as well.

All six academic units in the university have developed and approved guidelines for the recruitment of ethnic minority faculty that comply with the University Policy on Recruitment and Retention of Ethnic Minority Tenure-Track Faculty. Each of the six academic units assumes responsibility for implementation of their respective recruitment programs. Collegial cooperation between the academic units and the university administration is an indispensable aspect of this recruitment process. Deans, department chairs, and school directors have responsibility for the implementation of the recruitment guidelines within their specific academic units. The various action plans for each unit determines the specific efforts used in the recruitment process to hire ethnic minority faculty.

The Senior Faculty Associate for Underrepresented Faculty monitors the program in cooperation with the Provost and the Dean’s Group. This monitoring activity includes periodic information collected on the composition of ethnic minority tenure-track faculty. Notably, the triennial evaluations of the President, Provost, Vice Presidents, deans, departmental chairs and school directors and annual evaluations of deans includes information necessary to evaluate efforts to recruit and retain ethnic minority tenure-track faculty. Moreover, the Provost provides annual progress reports by departments and schools in the development of recruitment and retention guidelines.

Office for Underrepresented Faculty