The Bottle Project is a temporary public art project created for Atlanta's Sunken Garden Park by artists Craig Dongoski, Pam Longobardi and Joe Peragine. The project explores the invisible network of connectedness that runs through everything, whether human or non-human, built or naturally occurring. This network can be made visible by examining the flow of water, both local and global. Atlanta is experiencing the longest drought in our collective memory, and yet very little conversation about conservation has occurred. The reaction of habit and convenience is to buy bottled water. The natural network of water flow has become artificial and commodified. Plastic that never disappears off the earth is being produced and used by the billions every day to contain and transport this naturally mobile substance. We are attempting to make visible a problematic cycle that needs to be re-thought.
Bottle Dome is a structure made of over 2,500 plastic water bottles. It is intended to function as a giant recycling container. With the assistance of Dream Sanitation, Atlanta's plastic recycler, all bottles collected and the Dome itself will be recycled at the close of the project.
Bottle Web is a form made of discarded plastic driftnets collected off the coast of Hawaii, and plastic trash collected from this stream and other waterways around Atlanta. The form becomes a trap for the plastic, and a metaphor for the web of connection. Most discarded plastic travels by inland water vectors towards the ocean, where it collects and concentrates, such as in the North Pacific Gyre, the site of a huge floating island of plastic twice the size of the state of Texas.