“Sky is Fallen” will create a mirrored landscape on the roof of Sandler Hudson Gallery for the month of April 2006. The landscape includes such elements as a mirror lake, mountains, crystal and diamond mines and a prophetic enigma of the question mark functioning as the sun, or the sphinx.

Diamonds both large and small will be strewn in the landscape signifying the perceived value of the earth by way of the mineral kingdom. Actual crystals and minerals, which have been given the role of healers by various human communities, encrust aspects of the landforms, adding visual contrast of real nature to the manufactured planes of glass.

The surrounding environment, and predominantly the sky, will be reflected in the surfaces of all parts of the mirrored landscape. The surfaces will reflect brilliantly and blindingly back into our eyes, a view of a constructed perfection, a monument to Narcissus and his enrapture with self-reflection.