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If you have questions or concerns we would be delighted to assist you. If you have questions about:

  • going on a trip
  • sponsoring breakers/students
  • volunteering as a driver for the trip

Please contact us directly at:

Please call or e-mail Kelli Vincent for more information at (404) 413-1550 or

Panther Breakaway is a chartered Georgia State University organization, and is advised by the Office of Civic Engagement, located in Suite 320 of the Student Center. You may contact Lovell Lemons, Director of the Office of Civic Engagement and Panther Breakaway advisor at

2009-2010 Panther Breakaway Executive Board

Events Chair

Bull, Monica

Faculty/Staff Advisor (1)

Lemons, Lovell

Public Relations (1)

Morgan, Mackenzie


Moorer, Dana


Husbands, Cimone

Vice President (3)

Pitts, Kelixia

Vice President (2)

Lamothe, Ludmia

Vice President (1)

Hill, Evelyn


Shergill, Jasmine

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