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What is Panther Breakaway/Alternative Spring Break?

The Panther Breakaway program at Georgia State is part of the national Alternative Spring Break program, which organizes community service trips for college students during their spring breaks. Panther Breakaway is Georgia State's division of the national program.

In cooperation with ASB, PB places a group of Georgia State University students in communities to engage in service and experiential learning during their spring break. Students perform short term, meaningful projects and strive to address social issues such as literacy, poverty, racism, hunger, homelessness and environmental awareness. Panther Breakaway students have the chance to become active citizens, striving to make a difference in the lives of others and solve community problems.

Instead of partying their break away, students help build strong communities, touch the lives of those in need and form new relationships. The impact of the experience can serve as a catalyst for a life-long commitment to active citizenship. Most students will choose to engage in thoughtful action in their recognition of social issues beyond the week of spring break.

We invite you to become a part of this life-changing endeavor. Make a statement to those around you. Break away for a week of community change and personal reflection and challenge yourself to step outside your comfort zone for an experience you won’t forget.

You can also check out the national Alternative Spring Break site for more information.


How much does an Alternative Break trip cost?
At Panther Breakaway, most trips cost about $150-$250. This includes transportation to and from the site, housing, 3 meals a day for a week, and a Panther Breakaway tee-shirt and bookbag. However, many students choose to participate in our fundraisers to further lower their trip costs.

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