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Georgia State University Corporate Travel Card Procedures
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The corporate travel card is provided to faculty and staff who travel on a regular basis on behalf of the University. This document applies to all charges to the corporate travel card whether reimbursed from State or other funding source. If travel is to be reimbursed by Project funds, the cardholder must ensure that reimbursement is allowed by the project.

General Purpose

Corporate travel cards are issued to those faculty and staff employees who request and qualify for such a card. Eligibility for the corporate card is based on the employee's credit-worthiness. American Express checks the individual's credit history. Corporate travel cards must be used solely for the cardholder's allowable travel expenses related to official university travel. Non-travel expenditures are prohibited. All expenses must be reasonable and necessary for conducting university business and must benefit the university. Cardholders are personally financially liable for paying their corporate travel card in a timely manner.

A. Corporate Travel Card: Charge card contracted between the State of Georgia and American Express to be used to charge university business-related travel expenses. Corporate travel cards are issued in the name of the individual employee, who is responsible for all charges.

B. Official University Travel: Travel undertaken by Georgia State University employees to conduct official university business or represent the university in an official capacity.

C. Travel Voucher: This form is used to document travel and is keyed into the Spectrum system prior to taking the trip. The Voucher ID provided by the system is used as the travel authorization number.

D. Travel Expense Report: This form is used to document travel reimbursement request for out-of-pocket expenses, and provide any additional necessary approvals. Upon returning from a trip, this form is to be filled in and submitted to the Disbursements Office for processing the reimbursement request.

Application for and Issuance of the Corporate Travel Card

1. Complete a Corporate Travel Card Application, including name, home address, social security number, business phone, home phone, signature, and title. Cardholders may not use Georgia State University as the billing address. The American Express Card Application is available here.

2. Obtain the employee's supervisor's signature on the application. By signature on the application, the immediate supervisor certifies that the card is needed by applicant when traveling on official business for Georgia State University.

3. Submit the application to the Purchasing Department who will then forward the application to the corporate travel card vendor, American Express.

4. If American Express approves the application, the card will be mailed directly to the applicant.

5. If an application is not approved, the applicant will receive a letter from American Express. The Purchasing Department will also receive this letter.

Use of the Corporate Travel Card

The corporate travel card may be used to purchase the following travel-related services:

1. Airfare
2. Rental car
3. Hotel room
4. Meals for the cardholder while traveling
5. Gasoline for rental car
6. Parking or toll fees
7. Taxi, bus, or train fares
8. Books, supplies, and other materials needed while traveling

The corporate travel card may not be used for the following:

1. Expenses not related to official university travel
2. Business meals (i.e., meals purchased for other individuals)
3. Charges in excess of the established limit of the corporate travel card

Payment of the Corporate Travel Card

The corporate travel card balance must be paid in full each month by the due date that appears on the monthly statement.

Cancellation of the Corporate Travel Card

The corporate travel card may be cancelled for one of the following reasons:

1. An employee changes positions within the university and the card is not
needed in the new position

2. An employee terminates employment at the university

3. A corporate travel card is lost, stolen, or used by someone other than the cardholder

The procedure for canceling a corporate travel card is as follows:

1. If the card is believed to be lost/stolen, the cardholder must call American Express immediately to cancel the card and request a replacement card, if needed. (800-528-2122)

2. If an employee determines that the card is no longer needed, the card should be delivered to the Purchasing Department. The account will be closed and the card will be destroyed. A confirmation will be furnished to the cardholder that the account has been closed.

3. When an employee terminates employment with the university, the card is to be submitted to the Purchasing Department during the clearance process.

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