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How to Apply

The Bielefeld and Sorbonne Exchange Programs are run during the Spring semester only, with the possibility of 2, possibly more, students on the exchange in any given year. All applications for the Exchange Programs are due on September 1 of the academic year in which the student wishes to go to overseas, hence on September 1 of the calendar year prior to the calendar year in which the student wishes to go (meaning that students wishing to go to Bielefeld or the Sorbonne for Spring 2013 must submit applications by September 1, 2012).

To apply, the student must:

(1) Send a formal request for consideration to the program director, by e-mail;
(2) Demonstrate adequate competence in French/German, either by:
(a) showing evidence of a grade of A- or higher in French/German 2002 or an equivalent French/German course at another institution;
(b) showing evidence of equivalent knowledge of French/German by other means.

[Note: Students expecting to use (2)(b) above should notify the program director at least one month prior to the program application deadline so that arrangements for such a demonstration can be made (e.g. by interview, translation exam, or other means).]

Students who complete these requirements will have their application considered by the entire faculty. There are limited positions in the exchange program, and students will be offered positions based on their performance since their enrolment in the MA program.

Students will be informed of the Department's decision by September 30. Applications for IEF Scholarships and GSU Foundation Scholarships (which are the same application) are typically due towards the end of October for the Spring semester. Students are strongly encouraged to apply for these scholarships.

A Note Regarding Bielefeld

Bielefeld will supply two assistantships worth 440 euros/month to exchange students from Georgia State. It is possible in any given year that more unfunded and/or funded positions may become available.