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Graduate Students



Name E-mail Address BA Entering Class
Matthew Andler Georgia State University
FALL 2012
Robert Bingle Saginaw Valley State University FALL 2013
Joshua Bisig Indiana University, South Bend FALL 2013
Gregory Blakemore Portland State University FALL 2013
Robert Boudreau University Of Massachusetts, Lowell FALL 2013
Emily Cahill Indiana University FALL 2010
Maria Caruso Georgia State University
FALL 2012
Chetan Cetty National Univ. of Singapore
FALL 2012
Crawford Crews The University of North Carolina at Asheville FALL 2011
Nathan Dahlberg North Carolina State University FALL 2013
Jennifer Daigle Providence College
FALL 2012
David DiDomenico The University of Akron
FALL 2012
Christopher Dobbs Xavier University FALL 2013
Walter Duhaime Boston College FALL 2004
Beth Dwyer Otterbein College FALL 2013
Archie Fields University of Alabama Huntsville FALL 2011
Benjamin Freed Rhodes College
FALL 2012
Mark Gilbert Wagner College FALL 2013
Jessica Green Purdue University FALL 2013
Cameron Hamilton Bates College
FALL 2012
Robert Hatcher Hood College
FALL 2012
Stephen Herman State University of New York - Binghamton
FALL 2012
Travis Holmes Tulane University
FALL 2012
Nathan Houck University of Pittsburgh FALL 2013
Eva Imbsweiler Georgia State University FALL 2013
Anaëlle Jacques Université de Paris IV - La Sorbonne FALL 2013
Hyoung Sung Kim Princeton University
FALL 2012
Casey Landers Texas Tech University
FALL 2012
Chevan Lindsay Wesleyan University FALL 2013
David McCormack Portland State University FALL 2013
Marcus Mcgahhey University of Louisiana at Lafayette FALL 2013
Laurie Mehrwein Northwest Nazarene University FALL 2008
Maria Mejia University of Chicago FALL 2013
Daniel Mendez Colgate University FALL 2013
Carson Monetti Swarthmore College
FALL 2012
Jumana Morciglio CUNY Brooklyn College FALL 2013
Blake Nespica UC Santa Barbara
FALL 2012
Michael Nielsen UC Santa Barbara
FALL 2012
David Ottlinger University of Chicago FALL 2011
Kathryn Punsly Claremont Mckenna College
FALL 2012
Jonathan Ravenelle Merrimack College FALL 2011
Jacob Reisman Haverford College
FALL 2012
Gagan Sapkota Saint Peter's College FALL 2013
Adam Shmidt CUNY Brooklyn College
FALL 2012
Cameron Smith Belmont University
FALL 2012
Jay Spitzley University of Michigan FALL 2013
Aaron Sullivan University of North Carolina at Greensboro FALL 2013
Jon Thomas California State University, Dominguez Hills FALL 2010
Gerald Taylor Ohio State University FALL 2013
Sean Wellock Sarah Lawrence College FALL 2013
Brian Wilson Connecticut College FALL 2011
Carson Young Swarthmore College FALL 2011