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Pre-Law Concentration in Philosophy

The study of philosophy is excellent preparation for law school and a career in law. The critical thinking skills, clarity in writing and argumentative rigor required in philosophy provide students with the tools they need to be successful in law school and as lawyers. Moreover, philosophy majors have among the highest average scores on the LSAT and the highest admission rates to law school of any major.  The Department of Philosophy includes seven nationally recognized scholars in legal and political philosophy.

For more information, contact the Pre-Law Advisor, Dr. Andrew I. Cohen (aicohen(at)

Guidebook for Majors

Area F: Courses Appropriate to the Major (18)

1.     Required Courses (9)
      Phil 2010 Introduction to Philosophy (3)
      Phil 2500 Introduction to Symbolic Logic (3)  [Phil 2500 is recommended and required to graduate with distinction, but if necessary, students may substitute Phil 1010 for this requirement and take a Pers course to replace Phil 1010 in area B.]   Phil 2500 improves logical reasoning skills valuable for law school and improves performance on the LSAT test for law school admission. 
      Lang 1002 Elementary Foreign Language II (3)

2.  Recommended Courses (9)
      Econ 2105 Macroeconomics (3)
      Econ 2106 Microeconomics (3)
      Soci 1101 Introductory Sociology (3)
Select additional 1000/2000 level courses from core curriculum Areas B, C, D, or E to complete the 18 hours required in Area F.

Area G: Major Courses (27-28)

* A grade of C or higher is required in all major courses.*

To satisfy the requirements for the B.A. degree with a major in philosophy with a pre-law concentration, students must take a total of 27 semester hours in philosophy courses at the 3000 level or above, including the following distribution requirements:

1.    CTW Requirements (6)
        Phil 3000 Introductory Seminar in Philosophy-CTW (3)
        Phil 4990 Senior Seminar in Philosophy-CTW (3)


2. History of Philosophy Requirements (6)
        Phil 3010 History of Western Philosophy I: Ancient and Medieval (3)
        Phil 3020 History of Western Philosophy II: Modern (3)

3. Value Theory Requirement: Select at least one of the following courses. (3)

        Phil 4700 Ethics (3)
        Phil 4720 Environmental Ethics (3)
        Phil 4740 Advanced Biomedical Ethics (3)
        Phil 4750 Topics in Ethics (3)
        Phil 4760 Ethics and Contemporary Public Policy (3)
        Phil 4800 Social and Political Philosophy (3)
        Phil 4855 Advanced Topics in Political Theory (3)
        Phil 4860 Philosophical Perspectives on Women (3)
        Phil 4890 Topics in Social and Political Philosophy (3)

4. Metaphysics and Epistemology Requirement: Select at least one of the following courses. (3)
        Phil 4100 Epistemology (3)
        Phil 4130 Philosophy of Science (3)
        Phil 4150 Topics in Epistemology (3)
        Phil 4300 Metaphysics (3)
        Phil 4330 Philosophy of Mind (3)
        Phil 4340 Philosophy of Cognitive Science (3)
        Phil 4350 Topics in Metaphysics (3)
        Phil 4530 Philosophy of Language (3)

5. Phil 4820 Philosophy of Law (3)

6. One more philosophy course (3 hours) at the 3000 or 4000-level.

7. One of the following courses (3-4)
        AAS 3070 African-Americans in the Criminal Justice System (3)
        Hist 3220 United States in the Twentieth century (4)
        Hist 4240 American Labor and Working Class (4)
        Hist 4532 Crime, Law, and Society in Early Modern Europe (4)
        Hist 4540 Britain, Ireland, and the British Atlantic, 1485 to 1689 (4)
        Hist 4620 Europe: Culture and Ideas (4)
        LglS 3020 Introduction to the Law (3)
        LglS 4050 Principles of Business Law (3)
        PolS 3110 State Government (3)
        PolS 3140 Judicial Process and Courts (3)
        PolS 3170 American Legislative Process (3)
        PolS 3700 Public Administration and Bureaucratic Politics (3)
        PolS 3750 Public Policy Analysis (3)
        PolS 4115 Urban Politics (3)
        PolS 4130 American Constitutional Law (3)
        PolS 4131 Civil Liberties and Rights (3)
        PolS 4157 Politics of the Civil Rights Movement (3)
        PolS 4180 American Chief Executives (3)
        PolS 4420 International Law (3)
        PolS 4425 Politics of International Criminal Justice (3)
        PolS 4427 Politics of International Human Rights (3)
        PolS 4570 American Political Thought (3)
        PolS 4780 Administrative Law and Government (3)
        PolS 4950 Practicum in Political Science (3)
        RelS 4670 Church and State (3)
        Soci 3220 Activism, Protest, and Revolution (3)
        Soci 3222 Deviant Behavior (3)
        Soci 3224 Crime and Punishment (3)
        Soci 4218 Power and Politics (3)
        Soci 4366 Law and Society (3)

Other law-related 3000 level or 4000-level courses (in any College) approved in advance by the Philosophy Pre-Law Advisor. No courses will be approved after a student has enrolled in the course.

Graduation with Distinction

To Graduate with Distinction in the Philosophy major, the student must have excelled in his or her philosophy courses and undergraduate career. To graduate with distinction, the student must have a 3.5 GPA in the major and a 3.5 GPA overall, must have taken Phil 2500 (Introduction to Symbolic Logic), and must be in good academic standing. Rare exceptions may be made by faculty vote.