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George Graham

Associate Faculty of Neuroscience Institute
Office: 34 Peachtree, 1120
Phone: (404) 413-6106
Email: ggraham(at)

Biographical Information

Ph.D. Brandeis University, 1975

Research Description:

For George Graham, the single most important development in philosophy during the past twenty years has been the emerging influence of the study of cognitive deficits and psychiatric vulnerabilities. Since the 1990’s it has just not been possible to do any systematic and empirically informed work on the mind-body problem, the problem of mental causation, the problems of consciousness, Intentionality, and rationality, the debate over intertheoretic reduction, the question of scientific unification, and issues of moral autonomy and personal responsibility, without attending to relevant puzzles and perplexities posed by mental illness and disorder, neural damage and disease, developmental impairments and liabilities, and the fragility of human mentality. Detailed attempts to defend and illustrate this complex claim are offered in much of his recent work, both solo-authored and in various collaborations.