Admissions and Standards Committee

Motion to Require the Writing Portion of the ACT

Effective for Fall 2006 admission, all applicants for freshmen admission (i.e., freshman by admissions category) must present either the new SAT I, which includes the writing section, or an ACT test which includes the Writing Test.

Beginning the spring of 2005, the SAT will be revised and require that all students complete a writing section of the exam. The ACT, however, has decided to make their writing test optional. Many research universities (including UGA and Tech) are requiring that students who choose to take the ACT complete the writing test. We should follow this practice to discourage weaker applicants who wish to avoid the SAT's writing requirement. In addition, it appears that a sufficiently high score on the SAT/ACT writing exam may exempt students from the essay portion of the Regent's Test. Finally, we may want to use the SAT/ACT writing test as an English placement test.

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Revised 4/19/00